Friday, March 13, 2015

Into the (Blogger) Streets of New York

Finally leaving the sunny west coast and heading over to the other side of the nation! The next blogger I'm about to introduce resides in the chilly streets of New York City.

She's a blogger that I personally admire a lot because she's not afraid to speak her mind on her social networking sites, and like me, a Filipino-American.

It's none other than Jeanne Grey (a.k.a. the.grey)!!! 

Jeanne Grey has an amazing sense of style and talent when making everything she wears so simple yet chic! She has a monochromatic style that I personally enjoy and practically never wears anything too bright and flashy.

Another thing I like about her is that she has short hair! Majority of the bloggers I know and am familiar with all have long luscious locks - but Jeanne is that one that will stand out because she has a short bob.  

"The shorter the hair, the chicer it is"

Not only is the length of her hair something that stands out,  the color of it grabs your attention as well!  She made an amazing transformation from dark brown hair to a gray-ish silver-ish color - matching her name perfectly.



To check out Jeanne's process to going from a darker hair color to a lighter one, check out her blog entry about it!

Not only is her hair as amazing as her style, she's also the co-founder of BrainBabes.  It's a blog and design workshop that teaches other people how to start, design, and maintain a blog they want to start! 

Jeanne is great! She's beautiful, stylish, and a hard worker. 

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Friday, March 6, 2015

Into the (Blogger) Streets of LA

This week I'll be featuring 2 bloggers that frolic down the streets of Los Angeles as if they're joined at the hip - because they're always together. Seriously. They really are always together.

The first out of the BFF duo that I will be presenting is Francis Lola (or as some call her flamcis)!

Francis Lola is a highly popular fashion and lifestyle blogger. She is also a familiar face for online shopping websites like HellzBellz.

Her bright pastel pink (used to be purple) hair definitely catches anyone and everyone's attention! Not only is her hair eye-catching, but her style is outrageously cool and laid back.

Francis has an amazingly bubbly personality and a bubbly and unique fashion sense to match!

The 2nd blogger I'm going to present is Francis Lola's "other half" who is none other than Ellen Lora (or better known as ellenvlora)!

Ellen Lora is also a very popular fashion and lifestyle blogger! She was well-known for her long, jet-black hair but grew in popularity after dyeing her luscious locks to a pastel purple - or lavender to put it in simpler terms.

Like her best friend, Francis, Ellen is also a familiar face for street clothing brands like HellzBellz and Dimepiece LA.

Unlike Francis, Ellen's style is a little bit more dressed up and not as bright.  She sticks more to neutral and darker tones in her clothing choices.

The inseparable duo are always on the move!  They go to clubs in Las Vegas, raves, host closet sales, and shop together all the time.  Then they're not together, they post about how they miss each other and feel weird without the other. I think it's really cute to see how close they are!

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Friday, February 27, 2015

Into the (Blogger) Streets of LA

Los Angeles is known as one of the main fashion hubs in California in terms of street clothing like Dimepiece LA, HellzBellz, Stüssy, and so much more.  Not only is it the hub for street clothing brands, it's also a hub for street fashion bloggers.

One of the bloggers that I would have to say is my #1. (LIKE FOR REAL, SHE IS MY ULTIMATE FAVORITE. EVER.) She is none other than Eugenie Grey
(a.k.a. FeralCreature)

Eugenie is a Korean-American fashion and travel blogger that roams not only her home streets of Los Angeles, but streets all over the world as well.  Her fashion sense is definitely out of the ordinary.  I'm amazed at how many outfits she can put together and still look so badass.

Ms. FeralCreature is not only known for her eye-catching fashion sense! But her eye-catching hair is definitely a beauty. She's that daring rebel that all girls at one point want to be, dyeing her hair outrageous colors that any typical Asian mom would hate. Her signature gray and silverish hair is her trademark look. And every now and then she would change it up with a pastel pink or a dark blue.


I love everything about how Eugenie carries herself. She gives off this cool vibe and shows a daring fashion sense as she struts down the streets of Los Angeles. Other than being a model for the street clothing brand, City Approval, she was also in Porter Robinson's Lionhearted Music Video!


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Friday, February 13, 2015

Into the (Blogger) Streets of Oakland

One of my favorite bloggers (vloggers) of all time.  She was born and raised in Los Angeles and graduated UC Davis back in 2010.  She's amazingly popular with her fashion videos, beauty tutorials, and her video logs of her adventures! She's the ONE. AND ONLY. Jennifer Im!!

Jenn Im, better known as ClothesEncounters on Youtube, is probably one of the most down-to-earth person ever! She's Korean-American and surprisingly enough, is best friends with Stephanie Villa (SoothingSista - from my last blog post).  She has 1.2 million subscribers on Youtube and 820 thousand followers on Instagram!! 

What I love most about Jenn Im other than her amazing sense of fashion are just her videos and how she presents herself. She speaks so clearly and eloquently and easy-going and all her videos just seem so relatable - as if she's talking to you face-to-face; as a friend.  

Another reason why I love her so much is that she literally looks good in everything. HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE. But she can pull off any look, whether it's preppy, casual, dressy, grunge, classy, and even boho chic (the list goes on but I can't think of anymore categories at this moment).  

Her videos on Youtube vary, too! Not only does she have videos on the outfits she wears, she has beauty tutorials, monthly favorites, vlogs of her traveling, and my favorite, "what would Jenn wear" - a set of videos she makes for when fans tweet at her asking her for fashion advice.

And although she lived in the Bay Area for majority of her young adult life, and said that her heart is set here, she recently moved back to Los Angeles for a fresh new start. (But because she lived in the Bay Area for so long, I had to put her under Oakland hehe).

Regardless, I think Jenn Im is great and inspirational. Fin.



Check Jenn out:

Friday, February 6, 2015

Into the (Blogger) Streets of SF

San Francisco, home of well-known and interesting places like Fisherman's Wharf, Union Square, and Haight-Ashbury.  Likewise - there are interesting people that reside in that huge city as well.

One for example, is one of my favorite fashion/beauty bloggers: Stephanie Villa
(a.k.a. SoothingSista)

Stephanie Villa is a 23-year-old Chinese-Hispanic-American who recently just moved to SoCal but lived majority of her life in the Bay Area (San Francisco to be more specific). 

Her fashion sense is unique and quirky with a sprinkle of badass.  She's not afraid to wear whatever she wants, even if it is, indeed something strange. But that's the beauty of fashion, right? She wears things that compliment her figure and her long and luscious jet-black hair with bright colors at the tips definitely turn heads.

Other than her fabulous hair, what I like most about Stephanie Villa is that she is a youtube vlogger as well. Her youtube account is actually way more up to date than her actual blog is - so I guess you can say she's more of a vlogger than a blogger? ANYWAY, she's awesome. To be honest, it's actually really hard not to write this blog about her and not fangirl I mean I admire her so much!!! (♥‿♥)

Check Stephanie out:

Friday, January 30, 2015

Into the Streets of LONDON

To me, whenever someone mentions London, I always think of fashion. I feel that anywhere in the United Kingdom screams, fashion!  The streets of London just seem to be an international fashion hub - a go-to place for troubled fashionistas to gain some inspiration.

When I think of London, the first street style that comes to mind is a sophisticated kind of look. The items that come to mind are long trench coats, slacks,  heels, and blazers - a kind of "business woman chic" look.

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